About Us

Ralf Habermann, Medical Director and Attending Physician
Ralf Habermann, M.D., is a Board Certified Geriatrician and President of the Tennessee Association of Long Term Care Physicians. Dr. Habermann is also a certified hospice and pain management physician. He is assisted by in-house full-time licensed Nurse Practitioners.

The program and services provided at Trevecca are closely monitored by this physician and staff who are based in one of Nashville’s leading hospitals.

The Whitcomb Family
The Whitcomb Family has been an integral part of Trevecca since its beginning in 1983 and became sole owners in 1997. CEO Emily Whitcomb is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator and a member of THCA and TNAHSA. She actively visits Capitol Hill on behalf of our residents and employees.

Stephanie King, RN BSN - DON
Stephanie King began her nursing career in 2001 after graduating from MTSU School of Nursing. She gained experience working in local hospital Med/Surg, Psych, and Critical Care units until she found her “home” at Trevecca Rehabilitation Center. She quickly proved herself to be a leader amongst her peers and climbed to the ranks of Unit Manager then Supervisor, while going to school full time to further her nursing education. Stephanie obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2011and accepted the challenge of becoming Trevecca’s Director of Nursing in 2012.  She has worked tirelessly to create a highly professional and skilled work environment through mutual respect and communication with all staff members, residents and families. Stephanie feels there is a need for a skilled nursing facility that has the expertise to handle more critical patients. Her goal for Trevecca is to increase our ability to care for people who need more specialized care than an average skilled facility and are no longer qualified to stay in the hospital. Her ultimate goal is to successfully return patients to their homes and families. 

Emily Whitcomb, Administrator
Emily began her career in healthcare as a nursing assistant more than 30 years ago. She has served in various positions of leadership, and became the administrator of Trevecca Health & Rehab in 1994 and subsequently at Bethany Health & Rehab. She remains very involved in patient care and has been renamed "snooper visor" by her employees for her diligent care and watchful eye on all things regarding patient care at the facility.

Contact Trevecca Health & Rehab for a tour of our facility at 615-244-6900.